Thursday, January 8, 2009

3D Bloggin' Homework

1. Post a render or two.
2. Track down some nice examples of clean wire meshes. Post 'em! Here's an example of a really elegant mesh by John Doublestein. Check out his excellent work at John He has a very nice technical director portfolio as well. Go to his site and click through to his flatbook.
3. Find a polygon modeling tutorial or two. Post.
4. Download the Maya PLE and practice all the stuff we worked on this week
5. Add your classmates' blogs to your blog in a sidebar gadget.

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passivhaus said...

Maya is a well-known and professional 3D animation application which is made by Auto Desk. Like many other 3D applications using this can be very complicated. This is simply because you have so many things to remember and so many different pieces of media to work with.