Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Finale Projet

Okay, you've got your secret agent teams... Git after at. Collect ideas. Combine them. Get strange. Draw. Sketch. Enter the Dream Space...

David O'Reilly Rigs....

Creative Crash

Make sure to keep track of the rigs you are using and credit them appropriately.

Animatic First Draft Due: Wednesday, May 6.

Final Screening: Monday, June 8.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Lt. Dan walks among us

Behold, your next rig-- Lt. Dan! This time we've got legs and feet. . . and an optional tail. This time, we're doing walk and run cycles. Oh yes. Click here to download the Lieutenant Dan rig.

Lt. Dan and the bouncing ball rig were designed and built by Matt Ornstein! Props to him, I say!
We'll take a look at your first efforts on Monday, April 20.

Here's a 5 minute Miles video introducing the Lt. Dan rig:

Here's the link to the youtube page, if the embed video is lame.

For Monday, see if you can get Lt. Dan to take two steps forward...

Plodding along...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ball Actin'

SOU alum Steve Hammond shows how to get it done!

2 Ballz
Beginning, middle, end.
Character, deliberate action.

Rough Cut crit... Wednesday, April 9
Final Cut... Monday, April 14

Monday, April 6, 2015


Okay, here's PROJECT ONE: Create two loops of a bouncing ball.
  • Create Loop One using a basic Maya primitive sphere.
  • Create Loop Two using the Ball Rig
  • Make a blog for your work if you don't already have one. Gimme the link...
  • Render both animations (Playblast is fine) and post them to a web video service (vimeo, youtube, etc) and then yer blog. Make sure they loop at least 5 times!
  • Due by Monday, April 5.
  • To learn: Timeline, Graph Editor, Playblast, Timing, Spacing/Easing, Squash and Stretch, loop/cycles. See the previous two posts for the basics.
Here are the infamous Miles Maya intro videos that show you how to do the do. Work through these before Tuesday, and we'll pack our rags and go from there...

Loop One videos:

Loop Two videos:

And finally! Don't forget to get set up with yer free Maya download on your home computer. Make sure the version you download matches the lab version! And better yet, don't forget to send me an email about being a volunteer lab aid, because you know you want to do it. And it will be awesome. Cheerio...