Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Quick Reference for Editing Keyframes in the Maya Timeline

How to kick those keys around in the Timeline!
Turn Auto Keying on and off. Click the little key icon to the right of the timeline. Red is on, black is off.

Move a Single Key. Shift + Left Click on a key. Let go. Click and drag on the inner set of arrows to move it to its new location. When you're done, click somewhere else in the timeline to cancel out of the move/scale mode.

Move a Range of Keys. Shift + Left-click-drag a range of frames. They will turn red! Move the inner arrows to move that entire range of keys in the timeline.

Scale a Range of Keys. Shift + Left-click-drag a range of frames, as above. Yes, they will turn red! Move the outer arrows to the left to make the animation faster and move them to the right to make the animation slower. This is a very nifty way to quickly modify the timing of your animation. If you don't see the outer arrows, use the Range Slider to increase your playback range until you do! After you've adjusted your timing, if you're working on a cycle, use the handy Range Slider to adjust your playback range to fit your new timing.

Copy a Key. Right Click on a key and choose Copy from the fly-out menu.

Paste a Key. After copying a key, right click the frame into which you'd like to paste your copied keyframe. Choose Paste > Paste from the fly-out menu. Beware not to just click paste and let go. There are two pastes you have to choose. It's Maya, remember.

Change Playback Range. Enter new numbers in the inner set of boxes 'neath the timeline.

Change overall animation length. Enter new numbers in the outer set of boxes 'neath the timeline.

Delete a Key. Right-click on a key and choose Delete from the fly-out menu.

Set a Key for All Keyable Attributes.  Hit "S".

Key a Particular Attribute. Shift + W (move), Shift + E (rotate), Shift + R (scale).

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Video: How To Set Up Your Maya Animation Preferences

 Here's a video on how to set up your Maya prefs and do some basic timeline navigation.

Art 354 3D Animation Final Critique Date

Our final critique for Art 354 3D Animation is:
Thursday, June 3 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Maya to ZBrush references

Olle Rydberg has a nice tutorial/overview of the Maya-ZBrush workflow here. He gives a concise breakdown of the base mesh, mapping, and rendering phases with a very useful description of the various render passes. Interestin'! BTW, SSS = SubSurface Scattering!
Below are a few pictures from a model I started recently. I made the base mesh in Maya, and then kicked it around for about 30 minutes in ZBrush.
I recommend Scott Spencer's, ZBrush Digital Sculpting Human Anatomy, which gave me the basic approach for sculpting this base mesh.