Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The 3 Bounce Ball Part 1: Set up Your Scene and Camera

Summary of the steps for making our 3 bounce animation.

0. Make your ball and floor. Set your default tangent preferences to linear.

1. Create a camera (Create > Cameras > Camera ).

2. From your perspective viewport menu, choose Panels > Perspective > Camera1. This changes the perspective view so that it shows you what the camera sees. If you want to switch back to your working perspective view, go to this same spot and choose "perspective" instead of Camera1.

3. Adjust the camera so that it frames your scene. Move, scale, and rotate it as necessary. Scale doesn't affect the camera lens or position, but it does make it easier to see the camera object in the viewports. You can also adjust the camera in the camera viewport, the channel box, and the attribute editor.

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