Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Project 3: Texture

Project 3: Continue creating your city shot by UV mapping and adding materials to your models.

In addition to the videos I've posted below,
Here is a really good short web tutorial intro to UV mapping in Maya.
Here is a zipped .pdf I put together on UV mapping a box in Maya.

UV Mapping 101. This set of videos takes you through the fundamentals of UV mapping.

UV Mapping 102. This set of videos takes you through the steps of creating a custom building texture in Photoshop, setting up image planes as templates for your model, and editing an object's UVs to match the texture map in Maya.

Find three images with textures that appeal to you. Describe the textures and how they work. How do they contribute to the overall mood and feel of the image. If it's a 3D image, where do you think the textures came from?

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