Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 2: Sub-object modeling & UV mapping

Take one of your scenes and work on it using modeling, uv mapping, and lighting. Objects closest to the camera will probably need the most modeling. Try to take a modular approach to modeling where you can. A single pillar can be duplicated several times to create an arcade, or girders can be duplicated to create a bridge or building. UV mapping can be a good cheap way to create visual interest with shoddy models. Lighting can create visual interest and an illusion of depth. Lighting can help focus attention on built up areas of the shot and de-emphasize the undercooked zones. Post jpgs of your work in progress. Final render due Tuesday, January 18.

Sub-Object Modeling Videos

Pick 3 landscape/cityscape images and analyze how they create the illusion of scale and depth. Touch on the following
1. General composition
2. Foreground, mid-ground, background relationships.
3. Scale contrast
4. Use of value contrast (differences between light and dark)
5. Color (intensity, palette, warm/cool colors)
6. Placement of details
7. Do the images make use of a repoussoir (framing) device?

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