Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blog Basics

1. Lots of people gave me wonky blog urls which is not entirely useful. In the "real" world, giving someone a busted link is the end times. Before you submit something, test it, then test it again. Ask your neighbor to test it for you on their device.

2. When you create a URL... for the love of the old gods and the new... YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER IT. It's basically a teeny tiny piece of marketing. Create a URL that is easy to remember, easy for others to write down, and easy to type.

3. Get in the habit of posting early and often. You are creating an impression online. If you are active, that is good. If you are not, that is less good.

4. Come up with a title that either has your name in it or that is the title of a work you are developing.

5. Seriously consider purchasing a domain name. Highly recommended for folks looking to work in the field.

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