Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Maya Animation Setup

You've got to do these things, folks!

On a mac, make sure you are using a 3-Button mouse!! Also if you are using one of those fancy mac mice with the lil' rubber ball as a scroll wheel make sure you set the preferences!!!
To do so, look at the upper left corner of your screen and click on ye olde Apple Icon Button and choose System Preferences...

Apple Icon  > System Preferences > Mouse:

In Maya, change your Menu set to Animation via the pull-down menu in the top left corner of the Maya interface:

Make sure to set your Time Slider Preferences, or your animation will not play back correctly!!

You'll want to get real cozy with the Graph Editor.
It's located under Windows > Animation Editors > Graph Editor
Remember to have the move tool (W) selected to move stuff around. Hold down shift to constrain horizontal and vertical.

Finally, use Playblast to test your animations and save them for upload to the web.

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