Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tag team

Okay, you guys all know enough to get into trouble, so team up and put on a show! The squads:

Monica n' Jason
Rob n' Eilish n' Josh
Jesse n' Austin n' Mike
Chris n' Melody n' Adam

Here's the deal:
  • Each movie should include 2 characters and an audio track.
  • Movies should not be longer than 30 seconds. Yes, they can be shorter!
  • You can use whatever rigs float your boat.
Here's the timeline:
  • Storyboards and animatic due Thursday, May 2 by end of class. The animatic must include a scratch audio track. You can use Maya stills to construct your animatic if you'd like.
  • Final cuts due Thursday, May 9. We'll have in-progress critiques along the way.
Here're my handy hints:
  • Look at other movies, including, but not limited to animation. Pay particular attention to the editing and composition.
  • Work on getting a solid story that reads well in the early stages. A good test: if it's supposed to be funny, we should be laughing at the storyboards. if it's supposed to be sad, we should be super bummed when we watch the animatic. Etc.
  • Have a clear beginning, middle, and end with clear, motivated, significant action. The more you work the story, the better your animation will be.
Also, dig some of these films from the CalArts students!
The frighteningly talented Tatsuyuki Tanaka's and Studio 4C's animated short, Toujin Kit
(thanks, Eilish!)
SOU alum Casey Pyke's demo reel is rad. He and fellow alum Trisha Zimmerman did ALLEY DOG.

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