Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Warriors

Here's a link to the course syllabus. You are required to maintain a blog for this course. Once you establish your URL, post it as a comment to this post.
Each week you will be posting to your blog.
1. Images from an interesting site or artist that you're looking at.
2. Some of your own work. Photos, writing, doodles, sketches, anything.
3. Post samples of whatever you've been working on in this class.


Tawnka said...

My blog is https://Tawnee3dblogspot.com and it's called 3-D modeling.

Tawnee Kammer

Alex Davidson said...


willinghd said...

This is David Willingham
and this show is rediculous

OnTheBus said...


brutally basic said...

Lonny Bevill

Lea of the Woodlands said...

im sharing this blog with my conceptual art blog as well::::


Lindsay said...

Lindsay Peck's blog!

Cory White said...

My Blog:


-Cory White

Sean Riley said...

My blog is
leappersean.blogspot.com For 3d modeling

BubbaChili said...

Matthew Sean Cleveland at http://seancleveland-sweet.blogspot.com/

And, I really don't know what to say about this show... Adult Swim is awesome!

Stowers said...

Here's my blog!
Wendy Stowers Blog

Nathanael said...

Hey Miles this is Nathanael.

My blogspot is: